how to access to wordpress step by step:

1. Domain registration:

If you want to create your website using WordPress, first of all you have to register your domain.
There are many providers to register your domain, some are better than others, some are unnecessarily expensive, others are not reliable when you have problems.

2. Hosting provider choice

The second step is to subscribe to a hosting plan. The hosting company will provide you with a space on his server (accessible via the World Wide Web through your domain address) where you will physically put your website once that you have built it with WordPress or any other platform.

3. DNS setting

Now that you have a space on the web and you also have the address you just have to set the DNS of your domain to connect your space to your address. Is like to use a navigator to drive to the right place.

4. WordPress installation

Well done, now you are ready to to install WordPress. Some hosting providers offer one-click installation, this is will make your life much easier. Be sure to choose a Linux Hosting cPanel plan and follow the instructions of the provider.

5. WordPress themes and plugins choice

Now that you have installed WordPress you have to choose the right theme, some of them are free others not, there is a big choice even too big, sometimes you risk to get lost. Once that you have done with the theme, you have to install the right plugins, the same as before, don't give up you have almost done.

6. Configuration of the website

You feel like an "expert" everything is ready you just have to configure your website, is very important to set up theme and plugins updates and always check that everything is in the right place not to risk to be suddenly offline.

7. Backup and security

You have started to build your website, is not easy but now you are more familiar with the WordPress platform. Don't risk to loose your job remember to do a backup of your website. And what about security? Do you have a SSL certificate on your domain?



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